Non-Toxic Chemicals for Clearing Blocked Drains


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, most especially when in terms of clogged and slow-running drains. A blocked drain is already bad enough, so why would you add an injury to an insult?

Commercially available drain cleaners contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous to your health as well as to your family members and pets. These chemicals also have damaging effects to the environment and may even cause corrosion and damage to your septic systems.

Before your slowing drain becomes a blocked drain, it must be properly cleaned using green drain cleaners.

Baking Soda, Table Salt, Vinegar, Hot Water

Use these natural ingredients in unclogging your drain. Remove obvious debris such as bits of food, hair and others from your drain, directly pour 1 cup of baking soda down your drain. You may use also use 2 effervescent antacid tablets if baking soda is unavailable. Pour a quarter cup of salt into the drain. Pour 2 cups of extremely hot white distilled vinegar down the drain. Run 2 cups of hot water into your drain when you notice that the fizzing reaction of the products slows. You may have to repeat the whole procedure a number of times in case the drain remains clogged even after doing these steps. Snaking the drain first and performing the procedure may be required when it is clogged with hair.

Elbow Grease

Work on the elbow grease if the method above is unsuccessful. This requires a coat hanger wire, plumber’s snake or closet auger, plunger, and goggles for eye protection. Place plunger over your drain hole as soon as the water has cooled down and do an even up-and-down strokes until the water completely drains.

There is a tendency for the plunger to have sucked back up reachable by a hanger wire, break it up and fish it out. Probe deeper using an auger, if you cannot feel any obstruction upon using hanger wire.

Enzymatic Drain Cleaners

Enzymatic drain cleaners can be considered as a safer alternative to conventional chemical cleaners because they are environmental friendly. These cleaners use enzymes bacteria that naturally feed on organic waste materials like food waste and hair, which are the typical causes of blocked drains. These living organisms digest the waste, reproduce then spread the beneficial enzymes and bacteria throughout your septic system. These cleaners are better for the environment since they do not have harmful chemicals that may leak into water and soil.

Take note that precautions should also be observed when using enzymatic drain cleaners although they are not as toxic when compared to chemical products. These cleaners are not readily available in some stores and they have shorter shelf life than the commercial cleaners do. They also require hours to- completely clear the blockages.

Yes, there are several remedies that can break up clogs in your drain, but wouldn’t it be much better to prevent the clogs all the way? The above green drain cleaning alternatives will not only spare you from costly plumber services, but also from the devastating effect of commercial drain cleaners.

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