How you can prevent your Kitchen Sink from an Awful Clog

plumber mosman kitchen sink from clogAmong the many types of drain in your home; the kitchen drain sink is probably the most prone to clogs or obstructions. It has to clear out food wastes every day from leftovers to food excess; not to mention the numerous food wastes from big meals to little snacks that go through the drains multiple times a day. Drains may have a tough time dealing with the massive food scraps but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. There are actually many methods that you can use to prevent your kitchen sink drain from a major clog.

Install a garbage disposal but don’t rely too much on it

Garbage disposals are devices that are installed underneath the sink and have rotator blades that help grind food into smaller fragments to allow easier passage of wastes that go through the drain and drain pipes. If you want to lessen the amount and size of the food wastes that goes through your drain and lower the chances of clogs from forming in the process then this device is highly recommended for you. However, you shouldn’t rely too much with a garbage disposal and just let it grind any type of food. Despite the device being effective in lowering food sizes it’s actually prone to jamming and damage from certain types of food. For example: fibrous foods like pasta get tangled on the blades and stop the garbage disposal from functioning well. Another example would be rice and seeds as these foods tend to get hinged on some parts of the device.


A great cleaner and disinfectant for your drain and drain pipes is bleach. You just need to pour 12 ounces of chlorine bleach into the drain at least once a month. The reason for doing this only once a month is because bleach can actually eat away the drain pipes and even sinks that are made up of stainless steel. Be sure to run water into the drains after using bleach. Another important thing you should know is that you mustn’t use bleach if you recently used cleaning products that have ammonia since this will cause a toxic vapour.

Pour liquid detergent and boiling water

Even with a garbage disposal unit, there might still be traces of grease or oils that have slipped through the drains. This can become a huge problem in the future since grease and oil can get congealed in the pipe lining and cause blockage in the drains. Pouring a liquid dish detergent can help take out the grease since it’s properties are basically lucrative. As an added measure, you can also pour boiling water to ensure the removal of grease that is sticking in the drain pipeline. Repeat pouring liquid detergent and boiling water around two or three times for optimal result.

Place sink strainer

Installing a sink strainer is easy as anyone can do it with minimum effort. The strainer can effectively filter the solid food wastes and only allow water or liquids to enter inside the drain ―— minimising the development of clogs. Just be sure to clean the strainers at least once a week since some food residue tends to stick in the holes of the strainer.

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