How to Select the Perfect Draining Tool for the Right Job

We can all agree that having a clogged drain is one of the most annoying problems in the house. However, a blocked drain is quite more complex than just being a plumbing nuisance. It can be caused by many factors, and each draining problem needs a unique approach in order to be resolved.

A plumbing tool’s effectiveness can be dictated depending on what type of clog or drain issue there is. There are cases in which basic draining tools won’t have any effect, and specialised equipment must be used. However, for most drain clog problems, you have a wide selection of tools. This article will guide you on how to select the right draining equipment for certain drain clog problems.

Drain Snakes/ Augers

Most homeowners go with drain cleaning solutions to get rid of clogs, but at the end of the day, they will always use drain snakes to get rid of minor clogs. This tool can easily fit into most sinks and toilets. It’s simple and effective, making it one of the most popular draining tools out there. Of course, you shouldn’t use the same drain snake in clearing a toilet and kitchen sink since it’s very unhygienic and gross. Augers are another type of drain snake that isn’t only effective in unclogging drains, but recovering stuck items as well, such as little toys, jewellery, etc.

For those who have trouble using augers or drain snakes, you can try using power augers to clear out drains. Power augers usually have inherent motors or possibly a power drill attachment. The process may be a bit longer as cables are needed to be inserted into the drain pipe, but it’s definitely easier to use. In fact, power augers can be more effective in unclogging certain drains.

Lastly, for anyone having trouble unclogging because of small pipes, you may want to try out flat tape augers. Because of its small size and special structure, these augers can remove the clog by clutching the debris that’s causing the clog or by breaking the clog into pieces.

Electric Drainers

If traditional plumbing tools like drain snakes and augers aren’t enough to unclog drains, then it’s time to use the bigger and more powerful equipment. One of the strongest tools that eliminate clogs is water jetters. It basically uses a strong water pressure to get rid of obstructions in the drain like soap residue, grime, sludge, grease, etc. Aside from unclogging, it also improves the water flow of the drain as it fully cleanses the lining. Whether you’re having drain problems at your house or commercial property, you won’t have to worry since there are water jetter models that cater to any type of building structure. It also has electric and gas units that you can choose from.

Pipe Freezer

Pipe freezers are very useful in secluding certain sections of a drain pipe. A secluded pipe can be easier to clean or repair as it hinders water flow movement. Also, it’s very handy as a water flow stopper if you’re unable to turn off the main water supply.

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