Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet can be really messy and frustrating. Luckily, most clogs can be handled without the need of finding a plumber. Getting rid of a clog is often simple and cost effective. A weak or slow flush means that the toilet drain is partially or completely clogged. One can avoid clogged toilets through, being careful with what you flush down the toilet. In most cases, a clogged toilet is due to a minor issue such as the use of too much tissue paper, or basic waster material. Those with older homes, septic-tank systems as well as low-flow toilets, are most at risk of toilet clogs and plumbing issues.


One of the measures to prevent toilet clogs is through the use of a septic safe tissue. Other measures include not flushing more than once, use of a plunger, unclogging the toilet using dish soap and hot water, carry out coat hangers work to unclog the toilet, use of closet augers and chemical agents. If there are kids in the home, keep the toilet lid closed so as to stop them from dropping their toys into the toilet. This also keeps the family dog out. Avoid flushing heavy paper towels and napkins down the toilet as it can go a long way in preventing clogging repairs and toilet repairs in general.


Wait until the blocked water is drained in order to seriously fix an overflowing toilet and this may take about 30 minutes. There are various tools in hardware stores which can help you in fixing the toilet. A clogged toilet can be solved using simple tools such as plunger, closet hanger or even a rag. If one still cannot solve the clogged toilet issue by themselves, it is the time to contact a professional plumber. At times the problem might be much complicated like multiple blockages and broken pipes.

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