6 Common Signs of a Damaged Garbage Disposal Unit

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All home appliances, new or old, inexpensive or costly, may fail after their service life. That applies to your garbage disposal as well. They may encounter complications and drawbacks no matter how you maintain them. Most of the times, problems with the garbage disposal systems are caused by how you manage the unit. This includes the lack of maintenance and the things you drain in your kitchen sink which may cause destruction to your unit. Here are some predicaments you might encounter.

  • Inoperative system

You might sometimes notice that your garbage disposal is not working though you already turned it on. Most of the times, this has something to do with the power supply. Check your plug and outlet and make sure that the plug is tightly inserted and not coming loose to get a power supply. If your unit still doesn’t work, check the circuit breaker because sometimes it will need to be reset. When that doesn’t solve the problem, there must be a problem in your switch and you will need to replace with a new one. At times, your garbage disposal might not be working but you do hear a buzz. Your unit might be jammed.

  • Disposal jam

Your disposal will be seized up when you don’t segregate your garbage. Draining hard and large particles into your garbage disposal will increase the possibility of being pinned inside the mechanism causing it to stop working. In this case, you will need to remove these pinned particles from your mechanism but not with your bare hands. Always use tongs, scissors or pliers to avoid accident.

  • Leaks

Your garbage disposal may experience leak as well. Any component of your disposal may leak such as top flange, dishwashing connection and the drain pipe connection. All you need to do is fix the leak to avoid water and garbage escapade.

  • Noise production

Noise production is commonly caused by the loosen screws within the mechanism. As your unit vibrates under your sink, screws may become loose over every excessive use. You will then need to tighten the screws up to get rid of nasty sounds.

  • Clogging

Clogs are apparently happening to drains all the time. This will happen to garbage disposal unit as well. This is, most of the times, because of the large particles you drain into the system which got stuck. Your garbage disposal cannot cut down any particles with higher level of solidity. Garbage disposal has limitations as well; in that case, you will need to drain only the particles that are smooth enough to be broken down into smaller pieces.

Another reason for clogged garbage disposal is when your blades are too dull to cut any particle. This time, you will need to sharpen them, probably with the use of ice cubes.

  • Stinky smell

Biodegradables do invite stinky smell. Food leftovers, fruit peels, vegetable peels invite them as well. And the fact that your garbage disposal receives many kinds of biodegradables from time to time, they may as well release stinky smell. This can be avoided through the use of natural deodorizers to avoid destroying your unit and drains for utilizing chemical-based deodorizers.

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