5 Products that Unclog Kitchen Drains At Home

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When your drain is clogging at home and you cannot wait for the plumber, most especially if you live miles away, to come because the fountain of youth is already spilling on your kitchen floor, there are easy ways to stop this disaster using the things that could be found in your own home!

1. Dish Detergent

If you are in the middle of this kind of plumbing disaster, you can use detergent to help break greasy residues. After that, you got to flush water into the drain to push down hard compounds within the drain. If this does not solve the dilemma at all, you got to start plunging the drain or using rubber gloves.

2. Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic Soda

A white inorganic compound that is caustic alkali salt and metallic base of sodium. Before doing it so, make sure that you are wearing a protective gear that covers your eyes and hands. If this inorganic compound have any contact to your skin, it may cause you unpleasant chemical burns. The use of this chemical is to liquefy theobstructions in your drain .

3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

This combination is very effective to loosen numerous drain clogs. The action from the combination helps to take solid materials that accumulated within the pipe. The process is you have to put baking soda into the drainbefore pouring in the vinegar.

4. The Bent Wire Hanger

This is the most common tool that is present in everybody’s home. You could not even that this could evenunclog your drain. In this tool you have to straighten the wire hanger as much as you can before curving its oneend to make a small hook. This is quite is exciting because this kinda like fishing. You should push the hangerwithin the drain and start pulling all sorts of troublesome hair and gunks out. When you think that you’ve goteverything ,try flushing hot water into the drain clear the drain nicely.

5. Salt and Baking Soda

If baking soda and salt is being combined together, this could create a reaction that could loosen the obstruction of oil such as fat and grease and other solid material such as food particles. This could be even effective if boiling water is being poured right after flushing baking soda and salt in the drain.

You really don’t have to expend so much on expensive services to terminate unexpected plumbing problems at home, all you have to do is to pick all these house products and start unclogging your drains! May the power and force be with you

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