5 Maintenance Tips for Your Garbage Disposal Unit

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Garbage disposals, among all the other plumbing appliances in your home, are the most salient appliance that dedicates a high percentage of comfortability and convenience in disposing of biodegradable kitchen leftovers and garbage. This has been a very valuable appliance to almost all housewives who are commonly left in the kitchen to do all the cooking and kitchen maintenance. This is because garbage disposals are the primary reasons why you have little garbage in your kitchen trash bins and avoids them from inviting nasty insects into your home and the presence of the unpleasant smell. But this appliance needs some maintenance procedures as well.
Garbage disposals are known to be self-cleaning, but at least try to clean and maintain them to return the convenience they have offered. They might release a stinky smell or encounter degeneration when disregarded. Here are some of the garbage disposal preventative tips to retain your unit’s good performance.

Habitual cleaning procedures

The easiest yet the most fundamental precautionary technique is the habitual cleaning of the unit. This will not only avoid disposal troubles but can magnify your unit’s service lifespan and increase its structural performance as well.
When cleaning your garbage disposal unit, make sure to wear protective gears to avoid accidents and be certain to turn off the power supply to avoid electrocution. Cleaning will help remove wedged particles in the system that causes them to degenerate.

● Flushing with water

Flushing your garbage disposal may seem simple and useless but it is indeed a great cleaning process. It can remove large particles that are wedged and jammed into your unit that hinders it from functioning properly. This is done with the use of a dishwashing soap. Let the soap stream into the disposal and run it for a while before rinsing it with water.

● Ice cubes and salt

You can also utilise two cups of ice cubes and salt to clean your garbage disposal unit. The ice cubes, when ground by the blades, can remove the jammed particles in the breaking mechanism. It does not necessarily sharpen the blades like most of us believe, but it can regain the breaking efficiency of the blades by removing the particles that makes it dull.

● Old brush utilisation

Sometimes, scrubbing the mechanism manually can help remove stiff particles and moulds. You can utilise your old toothbrush in this procedure. Remove the screen on the top of the unit and start brushing.

Greasy substances circumvention

As much as possible, avoid the draining of fatty and greasy substances into your system. They would be hard to drain and could possibly create grease accumulations in the system. It can as well make your blades dull and can no longer effectively break down particles. If these greasy substances did find their way through the disposal, it may cause clog into your sewer pipes and drainage system.

Hard particles evasion

Your garbage disposal has its own limitations as well. Their blades have limitations and they couldn’t grind very hard particles. That is why hard particles should not be drained into the disposal and should be kept in your garbage bins instead. When you drain them, it might be the cause of garbage disposal jam or drainage system obstruction.

Breaking down large items

If there are soft particles yet very large, it would be best to break them manually before feeding them into your garbage disposal to lessen your unit’s duty. This would lessen their stress and magnify their service lifespan.

Odour elimination

Habitual deodorisation is as well required to avoid stinky smell spreading in your kitchen. This can be done with the help of natural deodorisers such as citrus fruits which include lemons, grapefruit, oranges and limes. Use them as deodorisers especially when they are spoiling rather than throwing them away.

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