5 Items that Should Never Go Down Into Your Drain Pipes

One of the main causes of a blocked drain is the ignorant way of flushing and disposing products. The act of not properly disposing your waste not only harms the treatment process of your sewage system but it also causes great damage to the environment. Whatever product you throw out through the drain will end up in the sewerage system wherein it is treated and sent back safely to rivers, oceans and creeks. Putting down the wrong things will literally affect the flow of this system literally.

Ignorance isn’t always bliss, oftentimes, it causes serious blockage. So here is a list of products that are a big No-No to flush and drain:

  1. Paper Towels/ Wet Wipes – these things often claim to be “flushable” but they’re actually one of the main causes for clogs and sewer backups. Don’t be fooled by the fancy yet false packaging of these items. They are incorrectly marketed to be flush-friendly but the truth is they’re nowhere near being friendly to your sewage system. So wipe away those lazy thoughts of flushing them down the bowl, throw them in the bin instead.
  2. Used Cooking oil – the bacon tasted great but its leftover oil won’t leave the same good impression in your drains. Used oil, fats and grease take on a seemingly liquid form when it’s still hot, but once they hit the drain, they’ll turn into wax that can easily clog your pipes. Best way is to just pour it into a container and throw it into the thrash. Or even better, if it’s still decently clean oil, then store it back into a jar and reuse.
  3. Used diapers– Oh yes, poop belongs to the toilet but not when it’s already contained in a toxic plastic. Diapers are designed to expand once they’re in contact with water. And you can only imagine the intimate amount of contact it will have with water once you flush it. And then there’s the not so attractive outcome of a horrifying back up in the u-bend.
  4. Kitchen waste– those tiny leftovers may seem harmless when they’re going down the drain but when they pile up inside, they cause some serious clogging. Invest in a sink strainer so you can prevent those pesky food scraps from ever entering you precious pipes. Or you can also just throw them away in the bin first before washing.
  5. Sanitary items- things like cotton buds and swabs cause major blockages when they break down in your water pipeline. Even your dental floss is non-biodegradable so it will just wind itself up in your pipeline and create clogs instantly. These things are meant to be thrown in the thrash and not in the toilet or in the kitchen sink.

So before you flush or drain away those seemingly “harmless” items, try to find out first if they really do belong in your pipelines. Always keep in mind that not everything goes down the drain. We all should play our part in preserving the sewage system and more importantly, the environment.

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