4 Reasons Why You Mustn’t Use Chemical Drain-Cleaning Products

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Dealing with clogged drains isn’t really difficult but it’s time-consuming and can even become gross. A lot of people prefer to use cleaning products that are specifically created to clean or unclog drains. Most of these drain cleaners contain chemicals that are more of a liability than an asset. Enrich your drain-cleaning knowledge and learn why you must not use these drain-cleaning products.

  1. Constant exposure can cause health problems

You should avoid using chemical cleaners if you have respiratory conditions like asthma or a sensitive respiratory system. Inhaling the chemicals may trigger allergies or even damage to your fragile immune system. You still need to refrain using chemical cleaners even if you don’t have any respiratory sickness.Exposure can negatively affect your lungs in the long run. There are drain-cleaning products that are called enzyme cleaners which are a safer alternative than those caustic-filled solutions.

  1. You can’t use it on heavy clogs

Some people are very persistent in using these drain-cleaning products that they still use it even if it’s not effective. The chemicals may be able to clear out small or even medium clogs but it can’t remove stubborn clogs. It will just stall on the drain pipes which can actually cause more trouble later on. You need to be careful when plunging a drain that has chemicals on it. The chemicals might splash all over the place and hit your skin. Chemical burns are nasty and will most likely irritate your skin. The compound solution might also hit your eyes and cause eye irritation or blindness.

  1. It can make your septic system less efficient

Septic systems are pre-treatment systems that are present in a good number of households. If your household uses a septic system to get rid of wastes then you really need to avert using chemical-based cleaners. The reason for this is that the chemicals can kill off the bacteria in the septic system. This might sound great if you’re a germophobe or paranoid about bacteria, but the septic system actually needs bacteria to decompose the organic wastes. The septic system won’t be able to effectively get rid of the wastes with a small bacteria population. Pumping and cleaning the septic system is the best way to drain out the chemicals. The chemical will also the bacteria to repopulate.

  1. It eats away the pipe lining

The chemicals can also cause abrasion and corrosion in the drain lining. It’s true that there are drain pipes that are able to fend off corrosion due to its high resistance the chemicals; however, these pipes will still corrode due to frequent exposure to chemical compounds. It’s even worse for pipes that are too old and damage since they are more prone to corrosive effects of the chemicals. Again, you can just avoid using these chemical-based cleaners and use safer alternatives. Homemade cleaners like baking soda and vinegar solution are popularly used by homeowners. It does a better job in cleaning and clearing minor drain clogs.

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