3 Useful Tips in Maintaining a Garbage Disposal

plumber mosman 3 Useful Tips in Maintaining a Garbage DisposalThere are varying appliances and technologies that a home needs for it to be homier and accommodating. A garbage disposal unit is one of these. This technology is useful at keeping the kitchen kempt and clean. Given that this is a cleaning appliance, this also requires upkeep maintenance as every other tool. Maintenance is important in extending the lifespan of an appliance and here are helpful ways to go about maintaining a garbage disposal unit:

1. Routine Clean Up

This method is one of the most common reasons why pipes deteriorate earlier than they are supposed to. Proper maintenance can also lengthen a unit’s lifespan while the lack of it will contribute to structural damage. Regular cleaning should be observed for disposal units and other appliances that are in constant use. Here are some helpful tips to go about its maintenance:

  • Flush using water

Flushing the disposal unit with water helps in cleaning the unit without placing the unit in harm’s way. There are other particles present in the unit that may have been the result of inadequate cleaning of the unit or cutting the water off before it can properly flush out all the little wastes in the disposal unit. Using a dishwashing soap, the particles and debris the waste stuck inside the unit can removed from inside and flushed down the drain.

  • Use ice cubes an salt

Two cups of salt and ice cubes can help eliminate the particles stuck inside the component. The mixture will create a substance that will both sharpen and clean the blades of the unit as it grinds down the ice cube and the salt. After this process, you have to flush down the unit with boiling water to make sure that you clean out everything and there are no lingering particles to cause another problem in the future.

  • Old brush

Another trick you can do is to up cycle your old and discarded tooth brush. Use it to clean you disposal by pulling the screen up and start brushing the disposal clean.

2. Don’t Flush Down FOG Substances

FOGs are harmful yet abundant substances that can possibly penetrate your disposal unit causing it to develop problems. FOGs are fatty, oily or greasy substances usually found in your food leftovers that have made it into the disposal system. These substances are notorious in creating blockage and deposits in the unit, as well as, in the interior of the pipe. This will result in the decrease if the effectiveness of the service of your garbage disposal unit and cause its failure.

3. No Hard Substances Should Go Through The Drain

Make sure that you pay attention to what goes down your drain. There should not be any hard materials such as plastic present in different hygiene products and other small objects that your disposal unit cannot break into pieces. This can cause the destruction of the components and can break the blades. As much as you can, throw only the particles that are breakable by the disposal into the unit.

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